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It is very exceptional entrepreneur who doesn’t feel overwhelmed by doing everything on his own. Almost all the company tasks fall to owner who tries to juggle around with extra responsibilities like Technology, Marketing and accounting on top of his regular duties. To ease the pressure off we happily offer our exceptional business services tailored according to business needs. You create the goal and we will work with you to achieve. We not only help our clients plan long haul but also work hand in hand to achieve immediate goals. We are a team with proper qualification in business management, Rather than reinventing the wheel you can get access to our Experience, Knowledge and network to avoid expensive mistakes.

We turn strategies into real competitive advantage by using expertise that includes

  • Business Start-Up Services
  • Developing and implementing Business strategies
  • Staff training and Development
  • Sales and Marketing support
  • — Brand promotion
  • — Stock Management
  • — Merchandising and display
  • — Marketing

What we do


Business Start-Up

Starting a new retail business can be daunting, we help your dreams can become reality. We will provide you contacts and support you will need to get your business going. We will provide you sales and marketing support and advice on all areas to take your business to the next level. Our invaluable support will help you avoid costly mistakes and save management time dealing with business.


Developing and implementing Business strategies

The key off almost all successful businesses is a realistically well thought, comprehensively detailed and planned strategy. We help clients create, integrate and implement business vision and strategies. Our detail understanding of retail sector along with our knowledge and understanding of people help us work at any level of the business to create a tailor made business strategies to help get competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth.


Staff training and Development

The key differentiator in highly competitive retail market is customer services. 75% of retailers identify the biggest cause of customers to walk away is lack of customers satisfaction. So it is necessity for the retail businesses to provide the best customer services to get competitive advantage over the others. CBCS can help small retail businesses develop strong customer services skills, Retail staff management, training services including on site staff training and delivering complete product knowledge.


Sales and Marketing support

Retail Businesses faces many challenges now days mainly because of changing behavior of customers and growing competition. Recent potential changes in customer behavior and growing awareness has made customers more challenging to persuade. If You are thinking of establishing brand new business or own business and looking to improve your current sales and marketing strategy, our highly skilled team will ensure you get to chosen market and once you get there to help you sell more.

We collaborate on wide range of activities on sales and marketing including
Brand Promotion
Stock Management
Merchandising and display
and Marketing.

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